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Interscholastic Equestrian Association
Grades 4-12

Riding Team

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Academic Year



What is IEA? 

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) is a national program allowing young riders in grades 4-12 to engage with equestrian sports in an accessible and meaningful way. Riders sign up for farm teams, where they learn horsemanship and advance their riding skills. Riders then compete as individuals at local IEA shows, where they earn points, allowing them to qualify for regional, zone, and national shows.

IEA accommodates Walk Trot (for those just learning to ride), Walk Trot Canter, Crossrails, 2ft and 2’6 allowing all levels of riders compete.


The time commitment for joining our IEA team is divided into practice , competitions, & competition prep: 

  • Practice/Lessons: It is recommended that IEA team members ride weekly during the IEA Season (Sept - Feb). Riders should budget approx. 90 minutes per riding lesson, which includes riding time & prep. If IEA team members will regularly practice at home or another location, they must take a minimum of 5 lessons with SRF prior to their first competition with the SRF IEA team so that we can gage their skill. 

  • Competition: Each IEA team member should plan to  compete in 5-6 shows during the season (Sept - Feb). This will be a half day commitment on-site (riding + prep) plus any travel time. 

If enough points are accumulated throughout the IEA season, then the team as a group, goes on to show at regionals, zones and nationals. 

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